Set images not inline, with the option of setting some images inline

Is there a way

I currently have this set on right now:

The problem I have with this is sometimes I want some images to displayinline,

but the vast majority of them I want them to do the following below:

Because on the android app I want those images to appear that way as well (image spoiler above)

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Basically, I would really like the standard markdown syntax:

“! (image link)” automatically put images inline

(image link)” puts images in the previewer mode / spoiler mode

By default all of the markdown convention should be enabled, but the settings under dynalist should dictate whether

"! "

is used when images and gifs are uploaded to dynalist, and then the “copy to clipboard” dialog box pops up. Afterwards, you could just change your image / gif whether something is inline or not inline at any time by putting in the " ! " exclamation point up front

For files attached to dynalist (like PDFs, .docx), automatically default to " "

As of right now, the " " files attached to dynalist do not automatically preview images & gifs when mouse cursor hovers over, and need to be clicked on

See below for reference:

Would that need to be included in Dynalist or would a scripting/extension solution do?

wooo, someone is organised… and insanely structured

there’s many solutions to ‘visually sectioning’ sections

  • images are one solution, what are other more innovative ways?

The problem I have right now is I’m using similar coloring conventions between documents, so having an image as a wildcard means I can easily identify any document regardless of what settings dynalist has

Sometimes I just see a blob of colors and I have no idea what I’m looking at, and have to spend time actually reading to find out. (I’m not joking here)

I could use different color conventions between notes but there all task-related lists, I don’t need to make things more complicated than they have to be

e.g. from a distance, my personal-todo-list and work-to-dolist look way too smilar

I’d rather just look at an image and instantly know

I could use certain H1,H2,H3 tags for different documents… but I might have more tasks list for different projects down the road (2 is okay for now, personal & work). I’d rather have the ability to scale up things down the road

Well, you could also embed gifs, but I really don’t see the point of doing that though, it just makes it more distracting than it has to be

I know you are going to say “just read the titlebar” but an image takes less effort to look at

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be, it IS a standard markdown convention. And dynalist is following mostly standard markdown conventions.

I’d rather avoid scripting / extensions with something like tampermonkey if at all possible, but it is something I could do though

I’m not sure what the general concensus of whether people using dynalist are inlining images or not though. I personally find having 90% of my images not inline, and 10% of my images inline, to be effective for me.

Dynalist is moving away from Markdown down the line, for the most part, probably switching to WYSIWYG combined with some Markdown input, so that distinction will eventually go away.

I suspect most people set their images to what they prefer and go with that.

As for me, I like to have them not inline:

  • it keeps the notes clean
  • not just in look but clean as in “this note should be able to function without the image”
  • loads faster

Although I recognize that _Dyna_list has a more _dyna_mic approach to outlining, I think it is good if it keeps being anchored to “we’re a priori an outliner”


to separate the doc I would probably go with a fake HR by using some dashes, then bold italic personal notes, followed by another fake HR

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These are pretty much the same reasons I keep things not inline. Having them inline might accidentally kill all my RAM / CPU usage all in one go, if I accidentally open up too many images / gifs at a time (another reason I don’t like onenote and evernote). But, I do occassionally want an image here and there though inline

I did look into the medium “WYISWYG” editor, I can see why users would want it though, I am just so used to copying-pasting things around in markdown

What would be nice if you do go with a WYISWYG option is to give users the option whether they want an image inline or not inline though

I don’t necessarily need to do it in markdown, but as long as the WYISWYG feature could handle both, with the user selecting which option, that would be nice

E.G. user clicks “add image as inline” or “add image as notinline” in a WYISWYG editor

see below

Its not as effective but I will try it out

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I would really love a per image toggle. It would keep things really neat and allow flexibility to see some images inline.

For example they could just take the current image link image And add a todo list toggle button that toggles inline or not. Kind like this image except instead of a dropdown it would be a little toggle.

I would find this feature exceptionally useful because some of my notes require doing something on one monitor and constantly referring back to multiple images in my notes. Needing to hover over each image in this scenario is very unintuitive not to mention sometimes the image itself is the core indicator to draw you attention to whats going on and the text is supplementary. Hovering over the image is only good if the text is the core and the image is supplementary.

That said I have a ton of both types of notes so I really need it to be a toggle.

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