Serious bug - content lost

Steps to reproduce

Cut list (many sub-items), in Windows desktop app.
Attempted to paste to another list on, instead the previous clipboard item was pasted, duplicating the prior pasted item in list (other items pasted fine from App to Website).
The item I cut was not in clipboard, undoing did not restore it, instead restoring items before and after cut.

Expected result

Cut and paste / undo to restore

Actual result

As above


I was cutting and pasting from Win Desktop App - Win10 Enterprise x64 to - Vivaldi 1.13. I’d just done the same with previous items from app to website without issue (but no lists, only items maybe?).

Additional comments

This item was a mission critical list with many sub-items, prices, etc that I’ve whittled down from conversations and research.
I’ve just managed to restore from a GDrive backup.