Separate TODO lists and checklists

Currently dynalist is not a checklist software. It’s TODO list oriented.

If you want a checklist, you need to reset all the items manually after completion, plus you can’t click on the title to quickly check the item off, etc. You won’t have the next item in line highlighted either.

I have a few checklist for things I do regularly: daily / weekly review, packing for travel, etc. Currently I use a custom script I made for that because dynalist is not convenient, but I’d rather have everything in dynalist.

The idea would be to have a “checklist” flag for any document. When a document has this flag, clicking on it does not allow to edit it (you need to use a menu for that), only to complete the checklist. Items on the checklist take more space, especially the checkbox, and clicking anywhere on the checkbox or the title check it off and scroll slightly the screen to the next item, which is highlighted. This next item has its description and subitems expanded while others have it collapsed. When all the items are checked, a green button appears, clicking on it reset the whole list.

There’s a custom shortcut for “uncheck all children” that may help.

Thanks, although it doesn’t addresse the other points.

Sorry about not addressing the other points earlier!

From what I understood from your post, the pain points are mostly:

  1. The todo lists can be edited and you don’t want that (highlighting the next item is a natural consequence of this);
  2. There’s no easy way to uncheck all the items in the todo list.

The “uncheck children” shortcut can help with No. 2 but not No. 1.

Unfortunately I think it drifts too much from the current Dynalist to make a list work and look so differently than the other lists.

If this is a strong use case for you, maybe a specialized software can help. Something like ProcessStreet comes to mind. Or if we have a plugin system one day, this can be a plugin but not part of core Dynalist. We have no plans to implement anything like this right now, but if anyone’s interested it in, feel free to like OP’s thread or comment so that we can gather more feedback and re-consider.

I hope that’s understandable!

Thanks for your kind answer.

Yes, it’s perfectly understandable.

You can close the ticket.

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