Separate focusing from editing a node - persistent edit mode

I often click on a node with the intention of just giving it focus (say, to move it somewhere else). Giving a node focus also flips it into edit mode.
This can be inconvenient and jarring if the node contains significant markdown.

Some ideas for solving this:
Explicit triggering of a persistent edit mode (via a toggle button or by double-clicking or Mod+click as some have suggested). This mode might stay active until the user explicitly turns it off (via toggle button or by double-clicking outside an editable area).

A wysiwyg editor might help with this issue since the node would look the same in edit or view mode.

Does Ctrl+click work for this purpose?

CTRL+Click, or CMD+Click on the mac does not work for this purpose. This adds an item to the set of focused items. So the previously focused item also becomes focused.

It works for this use case you brought up.

I mean if you’re already editing something, you can click on empty area to click that first. I think Ctrl+click is pretty close to what you described (focus on item without expanding the Markdown), so most likely we’re not adding an extra thing for this scenario, sorry about that. (This scenario being that an item has already received focus)