Send to Inbox doesn't support dates?

Steps to reproduce

Type β€œ!”

Expected result

Date picking popup

Actual result

nothing happens



Additional information

Additional comments

I would prefer a hotkey that created a new item in my inbox and focused my keyboard there. That way the β€œ!” calendar popup works. It would be better than the current popup box that doesn’t work with β€œ!”.

My current workaround is a hotkey sequence of:
Go to inbox location
Go to end of last item

It is a bit annoying, but it supports β€œ!”. It would be nice if the developers could combine this sequence into a single hotkey.

Sorry, I understand this is inconvenient behavior. Right now triggers like ! and [[ only works in item/note, but not anywhere else.

The most highly requested place for it to work is the search bar. Inbox capture dialog is important too, definitely.

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Yes, it would be nice if capture to inbox supported the same functionality as editing an item:

  • edit notes
  • #/@ tag popup
  • markdown editing
  • ! date popup
  • [[ link popup