Send email to add items to Dynalist

This is awesone!

But I can’t get the note field to work. According to the API documentation it should work if I write it like this:


But only the subject works flawlessly:


As @Kenneth_Aar, when I include {{body}} the code does not work.
Can anyone help me?

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Don’t type {{body}}, put your cursor where it goes and click the Ingredients button, and choose the input. That will go to dynalist.

{{Body}} is specific to one of IFTTT’s hundreds of possible inputs, so it’s better to click Ingredients and see what’s available.

Actually I vaguely remember body didn’t work for me either. I only use Subject. I assumed it was a bug that was someone else’s fault and forgot about it.

took a bit because im not a developer but it worked, thank you.

This is the largest missing feature currently in Dynalist. I would prefer just one email address, which goes to the Inbox list, from where it can be easily moved to the list of my choice. Also, any attachments included with the email should be added to the new item in Dynalist. Looking forward to being able to do this.


Yeah, this feature is a biggie. So many tasks and so much information arrives as email (I use gmail for personal… so easy to clip, but Thunderbird and Outlook for work) that being able to forward tasks and info directly into Dynalist would be a killer feature.

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+1 Pleeeease add this. I’ve been Pro for sometime and am desperate for this.

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Use IFTTT or Zapier in the meantime?

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If this works, that’s excellent news!

… Any chance you could help me work out how to do this please? I’m on a Mac & not a programmer. Think it’s still possible?

Thanks for your help!!

Sorry for being so late but @BigChungus and @Keith_Crone should be able to help you, I think.

Is there an update on being able to email items to Dynalist without using third party integration?

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I’m wondering too :slight_smile:

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I’ll add another vote for a simple implementation. I don’t want Dynalist to take over my email like does. I simply want to be able to create an item with the email text as a note. This way, when I look at my daily agenda in Dynalist, I have context for meetings or tasks if I’ve emailed them in.


I’m presently not a dynalist full time user (sorry!) But I’m slowly considering a move over for some specific usage. I love the collaborative spirit here.

I’ve used many platforms like Asana, Trello Todoist etc and i believe that the best setup for this is actually Remember the Milk. I suggest that Dynalist look at the way they have it accomplished.

One email address brings any email to your inbox by default. However, using the subject line of the email can alow you to filter it into any section of your remember the Milk workflow and this can even include due dates start dates etc. Ex;

Subject: bill payment
You add this:
Subject bill payment ^tuesday 9am (hashtag) bills

I added the word hashtag so it doesn’t connect to your own sections here within the forum! Very powerful in my opinion. Hope that helps!


Is this feature still planned for implementation? Didn’t realize this started way back in 2016…

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From: <which dynaList has registered so they know it’s me>
Subject: [optionally specify document] content of root node
Paragraphs of stuff. Converted to DynaList following same process as currently used for pasting from RTF/HTML

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Yes it is.


** Edit: This is an edit on my own comment. Assume then it’s possible to just do something like this on the initial post? **

Yeah, also surprised this request/inquiry start in 2016 and no clear answer.

@Erica New user in trial here…

One, email to Dynalist is a core feature I’d use.

Two, this thread is exhausting! If there’s a way to have a status update at the top of the thread would be super helpful. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! We don’t do status updates for all the features because of all the competing and ever-changing priorities and the limited time and resources we have (we’re a team of two). I’m really sorry for your frustration!

This feature in particular will arrive soon, because we’re working on it right now. Unfortunately we won’t be able to do regular status updates for all the other feature requests.