Send email to add items to Dynalist


I would like an email address associated w/ my Dynalist account so I can talk to my phone and have it send an email there. I think the item should be put into an INBOX list so I can put it where it needs to go and see when I’m done with the inbox. Having more than one email associated with Dynalist would get too complicated for me. If you do that, make it an option not required.


This was one of the top reasons I used to work with Asana project management tool; and it’s key for easy capture of any action items.
The ability to send emails to different documents is significant, since it allows me to auto-process things from the email forwarding standpoint.
Also, it’s more efficient and GTD-friendly; because I only need to ‘process’ the item once, when deciding what document it fits; if can only forward it to the inbox, for example, I need to process it once in my email and another time in my Dynalist inbox; more busywork!)
For the same reason, it does make sense to allow email-forwarding to specific items (as many people keep all projects as items in one document).

Either way, this is a great feature for seamless integration of the various inboxes of our digital life :slight_smile:


+1 for email to individual node. E.g with +id@ addressing

For me this would enable us to in effect have unlimited inboxes to email notes to. My preference would be that the subject could be a subnode and the body could be a comment as mentioned above.

A contact could then be created for particular endpoints e.g ‘Cooking’ with its respective email address to give a contrived example.

One way I am using an email to inbox feature is to get tasks from my amazon echo to my Omnifocus inbox. It a cheap way to integrate third party apis when none other are yet available. Another is to enable users to setup auto forward rules to particular notes from certain centres or containing certain keywords.

Thanks for great product :ok_hand:t4:


Yes. I agree. In more detail I suggest :slightly_smiling_face:

To: (My account name.)
Subject: node title. (option to @doc location?)
Content : markdown paragraphs to add under title. (Can be blank) (Can have outline formatting)

Makes a new note under the configured inbox. Or the named document if named.


It might need be something else, since we don’t force account names to be unique. Since you save the address in contacts and it’s given an appropriate name, not being friend to type out is not much an issue. At least from what I remember, the email addresses of all the other services I’ve seen are not easy to hard, e.g. "".

A secondary reason might be to avoid being spammed. We often receive emails that are sent to random addresses, like and, you might see trash end up in your inbox. Unless we set up a rule where you can only capture via certain email addresses (i.e. only sending from to would count), it’s hard to avoid this situation, unless we make the email address hard to guess.


You could assume the account if the email address is the same as a registered email address. I don’t know if everybody here is okay with that.


Any progress here, anytime soon? It is the third most viewed entry under features.


@Kenneth_Aar: working on API at the moment, this is definitely a very popular request, hopefully we’ll get to it soon!


I recently purchased pro, and I thought this feature was already there. Wrong assumption :slight_smile:

I would really like to see that here, for me emailing to one document is sufficient, but that’s just me.

You might as well enable emailing to each document. For me the email address doesn’t have to be friendly, in fact, it should probably have a small “random” part in order to prevent people that know your username from adding random stuff to your Dynalist. Indeed, email clients anyway allow the user to give a name to the email address.

Each email that comes in, should be one bullet - with the subject, and then all the content of the email should fall under that subject, as subbullets. (so not a note). For me that would be the most helpful, because then I can expand on the relevant parts of teh email, and delete the parts that aren’t relevant there.

And yes, a nice to have is if attachments can somehow be handled as well (i.e. automatically stored in dropbox or google drive and linked). But that is just nice-to-have and could come later IMO.


It works now y’all.

Get your API key and replace {TOKEN} below. In IFTTT set THAT to Webhooks and fill out like so:


You can switch the THIS of the if THIS then THAT to Alexa, Google Home, whatever you want. The API is super cool go wild!


Yes, definitely. We’re just thinking that in addition to the random part, there should be a human friendly part, so you can quickly identify which email address is for which document without leaving your email client.


Can I just check that you don’t need curly brackets for your API key when you replace {TOKEN} - just quotation marks.




This is awesone!

But I can’t get the note field to work. According to the API documentation it should work if I write it like this:


But only the subject works flawlessly:



As @Kenneth_Aar, when I include {{body}} the code does not work.
Can anyone help me?


Don’t type {{body}}, put your cursor where it goes and click the Ingredients button, and choose the input. That will go to dynalist.

{{Body}} is specific to one of IFTTT’s hundreds of possible inputs, so it’s better to click Ingredients and see what’s available.


Actually I vaguely remember body didn’t work for me either. I only use Subject. I assumed it was a bug that was someone else’s fault and forgot about it.


took a bit because im not a developer but it worked, thank you.


This is the largest missing feature currently in Dynalist. I would prefer just one email address, which goes to the Inbox list, from where it can be easily moved to the list of my choice. Also, any attachments included with the email should be added to the new item in Dynalist. Looking forward to being able to do this.


Yeah, this feature is a biggie. So many tasks and so much information arrives as email (I use gmail for personal… so easy to clip, but Thunderbird and Outlook for work) that being able to forward tasks and info directly into Dynalist would be a killer feature.