Selective G Calendar Integration

Would it be possible to selectively integrate items with the google calendar? I don’t want to sync every date in my dynalist with gcal. Something like “only sync items that have #xyz tag”?

You can right-click on a document and disable sync for that document – maybe that’s helpful?

Sorry, that level of specificity can’t be achieved right now.

But as @ruud pointed out, you can put all the dates you do want to sync in one document and only sync that document. We’d like to improve this in the future though, to allow at least overriding on a date-by-date basis.

Thanks, overriding would be great.

@ruud, that is not a good solution for me right now but might work for others. I would have to completely re-vamp my to-do system and procedures.


Thanks, we’ll try to bump up the priority of that.

Just to say I would also really appreciate this feature. I use dates to record notes against to do items. These aren’t reminder dates or anything so I could just type them but it’s so much easier using the ! and then the calendar picker. If there was another way to quickly enter dates that weren’t synced that would be great (maybe a double !! or something else). However if there was some other way to quickly mark a date as to be ignored by the sync that would be fine.

Thanks very much. I’m a new convert and so far am loving it.