Selecting across items

New to Dynalist. Working mainly on iPhone and iPad. I want to copy a list and paste it into Obsidian. As it seems it’s not possible to select across items how would I do that?

In previous experience (MaxThink) I could collapse a list under its header, then copy the list by copying the header.

Did you notice the icon for multi-select? My phone is out of reach but i think it was in the bottom bar and has a couple checkmarks in one square icon. Try that if that works

Thanks. I found it. But on my phone it’s at the top of the screen.

But having selected a group of items I don’t see how to do what I want to do, which is to copy the items for pasting outside of Dynalist.

The only thing obvious to me is to move the selected items to another location. But I can’t do that by navigating to the location where I want to paste. (Oh how I long for MaxThink!) I have to search for the location. But what if I don’t know the test string to search on?