Select the next item after a delete

I find it weird that after deteting an item (let’s say from a Todo list), the next item that is selected is above the one that was just deleted not below it. That is especially weird since normally you tend to “do” things from the top down not from the bottom up so it doesn’t really make sense.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a list of items
  2. delete one from the list

Expected result

The item that was below the deleted one should be selected

Actual result

The item above it is actually selected


ios 17.0.1
Native app
No third-party scripts

Not sure if bug or feature request :man_shrugging:

This long-time bug bothered me too, but my workaround was to assigned “Toggle checked” to the delete hotkey, and disable the delete hotkey. And I have Checked Items > Hide permanently on. So for my purposes, it fixed the bug. I hit delete and it moves down. Maybe this workaround is acceptable to you, maybe not, just sharing.

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Good one, thanks!
But pretty ugly workaround, and doesn’t work on mobile