Select multiple items on mobile

iphone. there are no software keyboards with a control key. (And no BBM.) So there is no way to copy a node.

Ohhh that truly sucks :sob:

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My use case: I have a small template I use over and over for tracking activities (calls, meetings) and next steps with clients. I can duplicate this template on the desktop. Would love to do the same on the mobile (Thanks, @Stephen_Dewitt for the workaround of using a software keyboard with a CTRL key–I’d rather not have to install one AND it’s good to know I can.)

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I’d like basic select multiple with cut, copy, paste - not so much for major editing within Dynalist (which I save for the desktop), but for pasting into an email or text message.

Duplicating a deep node as in the same as duplicating on the web app? (Done with Ctrl+Drag or with the custom shortcut)

Hm probably. I never do ctrl-drag nor use a simple shortcut. I do select ctrl-c ctrl-v to duplicate. None of these being available at the node level in my phone.

I think entering a “multi-select mode” would be a good way to implement this feature, where you can then press on multiple items (or drag across a range) to select them, then can perform bulk actions (like “Move To”) or manually drag the group of items. Would be great to see this addressed.


Me too. Would love this feature! Very cumbersome to adjust individual items Multi select would be much appreciated.


I just ran into this problem and am now rethinking Dynalists usefulness for me.

I just pasted in text with multiple new lines and it all split into separate items. Is there a way around this? Now the only way I can get the texts to copy each section one at a time which is annoying.

You can paste in the note field rather than the item title. Item is not meant for paragraphs – the note field is.

Last I checked WorkFlowy has the same limitation, you can check again if you want.

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That makes sense. Thank you. I was obviously I was a little frustrated yesterday.

It would still be useful to have the multi-item-select option in mobile apps, too. Many users above have requested it, stating many everyday user scenarios, so it’s not just a whimsical feature request, but a pretty important one, I’d say.

I for one don’t use the note field at all, so when I need to move/copy several related items at once on mobile, it definitely is time-consuming that this needs to be performed item-by-item.

However, what I absolutely love about Dynalist is that the standard Select all pop-up menu command in mobile apps selects only the text of the current item and nothing else. It’s exactly what I need! No more fiddling around with selecting only a specific paragraph of text, as in all other mobile text editors. And I use this option a lot more frequently (several times per day, I guess) than I’d use the multi-item copying/moving, etc. Still, I would find that option useful as well.

Every evening I turn on my computer to select and copy a template to the next day. Then I turn off my computer and go back to my phone.

I need it to send my shopping list.

You can duplicate an entire list including its children on mobile now (+ of course then moving it to the current day), so you shouldn’t need to use your computer for this anymore?

Well, you can.

Yes I want this feature too

Hmm, I never replied to this as I wasn’t sure what you meant, and now I wonder if you meant I can but you can’t - just in case you don’t know, duplicate is on the mobile toolbar now, so no need for my super cool ctrl button :slight_smile:

it’s a pro-only feature…

Oooooohhhh :smiley: