Select multiple items on mobile


iphone. there are no software keyboards with a control key. (And no BBM.) So there is no way to copy a node.


Ohhh that truly sucks :sob:


Plus 1

My use case: I have a small template I use over and over for tracking activities (calls, meetings) and next steps with clients. I can duplicate this template on the desktop. Would love to do the same on the mobile (Thanks, @Stephen_Dewitt for the workaround of using a software keyboard with a CTRL key–I’d rather not have to install one AND it’s good to know I can.)


Plus Plus 1 1 :wink:

I’d like basic select multiple with cut, copy, paste - not so much for major editing within Dynalist (which I save for the desktop), but for pasting into an email or text message.


Duplicating a deep node as in the same as duplicating on the web app? (Done with Ctrl+Drag or with the custom shortcut)


Hm probably. I never do ctrl-drag nor use a simple shortcut. I do select ctrl-c ctrl-v to duplicate. None of these being available at the node level in my phone.


I think entering a “multi-select mode” would be a good way to implement this feature, where you can then press on multiple items (or drag across a range) to select them, then can perform bulk actions (like “Move To”) or manually drag the group of items. Would be great to see this addressed.