Select multiple items (lossless and lossy copying)


On Android, you can’t select multiple items and copy them, which could be very useful since this way you can share your notes in plaintext with just copy-paste.
Other options, for now, are:

  • Select every item text by hand and copy text (quickly gets very laborious)
  • Share screenshots

Neither of those is practical.

And I don’t know details about clipboard and its representations on mobile, but it would be wonderful to have both lossy representation for pasting into, say, messages, and lossless for pasting multiple items into other lists.


​Could you explain a bit more on what do you mean by “lossy representation”? What’s the part that’s going to be lost, the text formatting?


What I really want is conversion to plaintext to quickly share notes with others.
Lossy here simply means that plaintext representation wouldn’t be same with original (like, hyperlinks), but it’s totally fine as long as I can copy paste it into email or messager of any kind.


In that case, you can try the “plain text” option in export. I have to admit that’s not the quickest method though.


Not only that, but it doesn’t give a way to quickly share sublists, when zoomed into one

Essentially, what I wanted was an ability, given this list:

quickly select, copy and paste everything from this view


Sorry for the late reply!

Ok, there’s an existing central feature request for multi-select on mobile: Select multiple items on mobile

Making it easy to copy the selected results definitely sounds very useful.