Select and hold task to drag and drop from the right side of screen

Currently on Android, to drag and drop an item, you have to select and hold the bullet to the left of the screen. I assume it works the same works for iPhone.

However when this is done with your right hand, the step is inconvenient and probably used less for these reasons…

  1. The reach is far for devices with big screens or people with small hands
  2. Your hand blocks the line selected; the wrong line could be selected
  3. I know it is possible to slide your finger to the right while moving the task but this just adds to the finger travel required to re-position the task

An option to drag and drop from the right of the screen will improve the feature and make is more useful.

Having the option to select and hold any part of the line would be even better.


One of the biggest challenge of making drag and drop more accessible on mobile is the combination of (1) the needs to be a drag indicator so that people know where to hold and drag but (2) we don’t want to show the drag indicator all the time.

On desktop you can show optional controls when the item is hovered, but that’s not an option on mobile. A solution that iOS uses is to have an “Edit” mode. When you enter it, you’ll usually see the red delete circle on left and the drag handle on the right. Not sure if that’s something we want to bring to Dynalist, but that’s one of the better compromises I know.


I’m don’t think the indicator has to appear. There is no indicator where to click to edit other than tapping anywhere on the line.

Another, and probably more convenient option is to select and hold anywhere on the line to start the drag and drop. The row is the indicator, just like for edit. Plus there is no screen used up by an indicator.

W does it this way. But they do not have the move option Dynalist has, which I think is a unique feature.

Still, I quickly sort through only the 10 or so I see at the top of the list or within a sub list. And when I do use it, like for agile grocery shopping (which means receiving an enormous list from the fam while navigating the treacherous aisles in under 10 min), it would nice to power sort and not trip over my thumb.


I think that makes sense. (Sorry about that late reply!)

I’ve added this to our todo list, and will add it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know. I’ll update here when it’s added.