Second Pane for Notes


Would like the option to have note appear in a second pane on the right or below at least on larger screen devices in other words a two pane outliner. The formatting options for notes seem limited at this time


I would also love a note pane on the right showing the note of the bullet you’re currently editing - It’s been discussed before actually


Guess it’s useful for longer notes? I typically have 2-3 lines in notes so didn’t feel the need.

I’m curious how many lines do you typically have in your notes?


Many of my notes are much larger than 2-3 lines. Here are a few of my use cases:

  1. I often use Dynalist for document drafting, for which each node is a section title and the note contains the paragraph text. It’s great for quickly navigating and rearranging documents.
  2. For project work I often use note text to hold emails related to a project. Great for reference and searching.
  3. For story editing, I often use the notes to hold a few paragraphs of history or background for a character or storyline.


Thanks Craig, that’s very helpful!

I imagine for scenarios like those, Dynalist is as limited as an email client that only lets your draft emails inline…


I’m not sure what this means, but I would love to see Dynalist develop better capacity as a writing tool, as @Craig_Oliver suggests. We’ve also had previous discussions about a word count feature. Currently I compose in a separate tab and copy and paste it back into the Dynalist note, which is cumbersome.


Dynalist is an amazing draft writing tool even with it’s very limited formatting tools. I do one bullet = one paragraph - the bullet summarises the paragraph and the note is the writing itself. This keeps things very focused and easy to ‘scan’. So yes writing and the things Craig suggested would be the main use case for this. Of course I would love more formatting features, but I also appreciate dynalist being lightweight.

I do think this would add substantial additional value to dynalist while not interfering with it’s normal usage. It would normally be hidden I assume, and popped out when needed.


It is a very useful tool, and it works. I have 5 devices and the synchronization works so far flawlessly. I also appreciate the streamlined nature of the program without bloat but works very well and fast. Nevertheless, I would like second pane.