Second page

allow face to face second page…like microsoft word…to handle larger amounts of text editing

Do you mean the split-screen feature?

I’m not sure.

Let me try to explain.

Normally, as Dynalist is now, you type down a page and it keeps going.

You have to scroll up and down to see what you wrote.

Difficult to edit and move blocks of text.

What I’m talking about is the following :

You type down the page, at some predetermined point the page ends-if you continue to type, a new page opens side by side, face to face, with the first one so you can see everything you’ve typed.

You could have a 3rd and 4th page too.

But in my experience as a writer,

2 or 3 is enough.

More and that has its own problems.

Please see the attachment, (I tried to send an email-but I don’t think I can add an attachment here)
the arrow on the left shows it is multiple pages
Its from MS Word

Right now, with Dynalist, I have to open a new window-like the arrow on the right-and I have to position the text I want.

I’ll attach your attached screenshot here:

Unfortunately, we have no plans to add this in Dynalist. It sounds like a feature dedicated to word processors (Dynalist is not a word processor after all), and it overlaps quite a bit with the split-screen feature.


It’s not necessarily just word processing, it’s information processing.

Not sure I understand what they mean by split-screen.

I get the feeling that we’re talking about the same thing.

Right now, what I do is use the desktop app-and a browser page to be able to see 2 pages or two long blocks of text. (each one gets half the screen)

To get the above situation in the screenshot, I would use the desktop app and 2 browser pages.

Looking at your screenshot, the second page seems to be follow the first page.

With split screen, the two screens show the same document, and you can scroll up and down each screen. So they are not identical I think, but still split screen will help a lot with long documents.