Searching for tagless items brings up random results [Solved]

Steps to reproduce

-# -@ -!

Expected result

All of the items without tags

Actual result

A seemingly random subset of the items, including some containing tags.



Additional information

Additional comments

@BigChungus, I just tried your query (-# -@ -!) with a complex document and it returned the results I expected: it shows a subset of the outline with every leaf that has no tags or dates. However, some of the parents do have tags or dates, they’re shown because they have children that match. Is that the behavior you’re seeing? If so, I think that’s intended.

If not, could you post an example of an outline that shows the wrong behavior? (I’m not a Dynalist developer, I’m just curious.)


Oh you’re right. It is only displaying tagged items that contain an untagged child. Now that I understand, I am OK with this behavior. Thank you. What do people do when a thread is solved? Maybe I will put solved in the title in case someone searched for the same thing.

You can tag it as “Resolved”. Just did that for you!

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