Search whole document when clicking tag

Currently, when I click on a @tag in a document, it will search the current zoom level for every instance of that tag. This is great. :+1:

I would like to propose a modifier when clicking a tag, perhaps shift-click or ctrl-click, that will cause Dynalist to zoom out to the document level and search for every instance of the tag. This would be valuable to me because I am often zoomed into a node, see a tag, and would like to see every instance of that tag in the document.

For example, imagine I am zoomed into a scene of a novel and I see a tag for @John, one of the characters. I would like to quickly see every scene John appears in. Ideally, I could:

  • ctrl-click @John and immediately see every instance of that tag in the document.

Instead, I have to:

  • Manually zoom out to the root level of the document, either by clicking or by typing ctrl-[ a bunch of times.
  • Click the search bar, or type ctrl-F.
  • Manually type “@John
  • Press Enter.

Please consider this addition – I believe it would make Dynalist even more powerful and fun!




Yea this would be good - maybe ctrl + shift + click would do a global search? :slight_smile:

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