Search tag in all documents not working

Thank you for looking into this.

Steps to reproduce
Click on a tag in any document. Then click on the ‘Search in all documents’ link when it drops down.

** Expected result **
To see document results related to that tag

** Actual result **

Search results title says: ‘Search results for "[object Object]’

Text field contains ‘[object Object]’ instead of the tag name.

The infinity icon appears and animates.

** Environment **
Windows 10. Desktop (v1.3.1) and web app.
Cleared all browser extensions and CSS modifications and the issue persists.

Can reproduce, will fix asap.

Seems like an issue with clicking the button - if you use Ctrl+Enter it works fine.

I have a patch ready which fixes the issue. Thanks for the bug report!

Until it’s live you can use the keyboard shortcut workaround, sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the quick fix.