【search syntax】I found that `()` cannot be used to perform complex searches, `""` failed in `ancestor:`, and `-ancestor:` failed block note situations

Steps to reproduce

I need complex search method, () was needed because I use tags in multilevel like @level-1 @create-topic, when I need to search all things except @level @create and there children, I couldn’t do it.

Expected result

Allow () in complex searches and "" ancestor:, and including block note from -ancestor:.

Actual result

  • Using () found no results. Using "" in ancestor: like ancestor:"@level" found no results, so "" failed in ancestor:. But I need result of -ancestor:"@level" -ancestor:"@create", and "" here to make sure “@level” not "@level ".

  • In fact, I need result of -ancestor:"@level" -ancestor:"@create" -"@level" -"@create", which means all things except @level @create and their children.

  • Then I found -ancestor:@create could not block which there is a note with @create in ancestor item. Here I show you a similar screenshot.


MacOS 14.5 (M1), Dynalist desktop version 1.5.1, and no third party scripts used.