Search Not Working as Expected in Item Finder

Actual Results / Steps to reproduce

In Item Finder

Exact Search

  • if search is enclosed by “”, dynalist is treating all of the characters as a search query
  • for example “ebooks” is returning results for the characters (" e b o k s)
  • i cannot even see a search result with the word ebooks in it

Non-Exact Search

  • if search is not enclosed in “” and i search for ebooks
  • i am still getting partial results, like book, notebook, facebook, some books, read books - and no results for the actual word ebooks

In Doc Search

  • if i first go to a doc that contains the word ebooks
  • then i search “ebooks” or ebooks it is giving the expected bahavior

Expected result

expecting this behavior -


chrome browser

These two use different search systems, sorry for the confusion.

I’ve updated the help article to clear it up.