Search mode is awkward to get back out from

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enter Search mode, whether clicking the search icon or using hotkey
  2. Type some search terms
  3. Click on some found text. In particular, select some nested text which is not visible (unfolded) in normal view, but which is shown because it matches the search

3½ Bonus: Maybe even select multiple nodes

4.A. Try [ESC] to get out of search mode. Doesn’t work when search box has lost focus

4.B. Click the ‘x’ in the search box to leave search mode

Expected result

I am pretty sure that 4.A used to work (maybe months ago), meaning this is a regression.
But no matter if I choose 4A or 4B, I expect to keep the input focus on the text I had chosen in 3. And in the 3½ bonus case, I expect the selection to be preserved.

The intended use case: I want to reorganize some nodes, e.g. move some node to the top of a list, even if it is a nested node.
I find the node using search. Then, to move the node, I have to exit search, so that I can correctly place the node. But when back in normal mode the node is lost, maybe even no longer visible. So I have to find it again.
I expected if the cursor was on the node in search view, that node would still be unfolded, with input focus on that node, once I exit search mode.

Workaround: While still in search, collapse the parent nodes and reopen them. That way they will stay open when going to the normal mode.


Desktop, Windows 10, latest Chrome browser

Update: It seems the ESC behavior was changed here:

Would it be possible to change the behavior of ESC when in search view, or make another shortcut for exiting search (just like there’s a shortcut for entering search)

@Bjarke_Ebert: is this the same as this bug report over here? Have lost ability to cancel filter using Esc key

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Following changes in the linked issue, I believe it works correctly now, I’d recommend trying again.

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