Search in everything on #tags in all document (Mobile)

Hi Erica,

Request to have search all documents for tags, i have an separate document for my Tags categories. On Web and Native it works like this but on Mobile it only search in Document where you are in



It’s covered here: Android beta app thread

“5. Search everywhere is not available on mobile.”

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Will this feature come or is this not possible on Mobile ?

If you read the post, it’s one of the problem we will solve. They are listed at the top so that people don’t submit duplicate reports.

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Hi, sorry to bring this up again, but the answer refers only to “android beta.” I use Dynalist on my iPhone in the Safari browser. Is there any chance universal tag search will be available there? Not having it makes it impossible for me to use documents. :frowning:


It’s available for Safari web for sure. The web is always ahead of the mobile app betas.

When you search there’s a global icon at the right, which will lead you to global search.

Although searching for tags within a document always immediately brings up results as I type, when I touch the globe and the search field says “search everywhere,” no search results appear as I type, or at all.

I’ve tried selecting “done” after filling in the entire tag and nothing happens - or rather, the search term just sits there in the search field. When I touch the arrow to the left of the search field, the search field disappears and the screen returns to the way it was before the search started.

Could you tell me the sequence I should be following?

You need to hit Return/Go/Done on the keyboard. Search Everywhere is way to expensive to search on every character input.

There should be at least a loader, and it takes some time if your search term is common and there are tons of searches.

I just tried on the Android beta (latest) and it works. Is your version the latest too?

Okay, “return” works; “Done” does not. However, no search results appear as I type, no results of any kind for any tag in any document, even the one I started from.

This has nothing to do with Android, but with the mobile interface on Safari, as mentioned before.

As I stated above, in the Search Everywhere mode, results will not appear as you type because that would be so intense for your phone that it will likely cause it to freeze. For example, imagine Dynalist starts searching all documents right when you type “a”, I don’t know how many you’d imagine it would find but for some people that would be well over 10,000.

We may be using different keyboards? I only have “Go” at the bottom right corner, no “Done” key can be found. In your case, please use Return for now.

It seems I did not understand the meaning of “way to expensive” - thought maybe some autocorrection had happened since as written the sentence doesn’t make sense.

Live and learn!

Ah, sorry, that was my assumption that it would be understood. Looking at it again it’s indeed not that clear. Also it’s “way too”, not “way to”, sorry about the typo! :sweat_smile:

This tip about hitting the Enter key was helpful. I’m using the Android app. I couldn’t get a Search Everywhere to work until I read this thread. Also, when using Search Everywhere, it appears that once you’ve executed the search by using the Enter key, you cannot edit the search term. You must use the X to clear the term and re-enter a new term. That is another difference from a Search Document. Perhaps the FAQ or Help docs might be amended to include these tips.

Thanks for the feedback!

Added a paragraph under “Search Everywhere” here: Search for items - Dynalist Help Center :slight_smile: Thanks again for letting us know!