Search in all documents - how to find parent

Hi - When I press Ctl-f… and then Ctl-Enter (in order to search in all documents), Dynalist then displays all matches on that search. So far, so good. But there seems to be no way to identify a given result’s (multiple) parents. In other words, how do I find its context? How do I find where in my whole Dynalist… that this item is located?
If anyone can help (or even help me find a workaround), that would be great.

The parents are directly below each result. I must be misunderstanding your question.

P.S. I am not a fan of flat search (search across documents). It’s not responsive and intuitive like searching within a document. It’s one of many reasons I have a single document only. Any topic seperation that would be seperate documents, are simply the top level nodes of one document instead. This way everything in loaded in RAM, everything can be filtered, no need for flat search and awkwardness.

Hi BigChungus,
Thank you - The parents (as shown in your image) do not display when I am searching across ALL documents (which how I mainly use the Search function). Additionally, for each result I would like to see the left-side (Navigation Area) parents of the document itself. In other words, I want to be able to easily find the document!
If you (or anyone else) has any further thoughts please let me know. Thank you,

Oh, but I see all the ancestors of the results for “search across all documents mode” too. Do you mean something else? image

Documents can have parents? I thought document was the top level.

You are right! my mistake… It is not in the same format as the other search, but it is there. Thank you for that clarification. Other than that… YES, documents can have parents. On the left side area of (my) Dynalist, I see a whole hierarchy of folders and (at the lowest level) documents. See attached picture.

Ooo. I haven’t used that folder feature yet. Yeah, I agree, ideally it should be changed to tell you the folder tree, and then the document, and then the node tree. All as one >>>>>>> tree. But alas, searching across documents is done serverside while searching within one document is all done in your local RAM, so I see why they might not behave the same yet.

BigChungus - yes good point. Hey, thanks for a great conversation - best to you,