Search Everywhere Results "back" leads to no document on Android

Steps to reproduce

From any document, do a search that may or may not have any results (really immaterial of if there are results or not. As long as you get the results screen).

From the results screen, hit the back icon next to the search term (the Dynalist one, not the android navigation back).

Expected result

Expect to go back to the previously opened document.

Actual result

Get “No document is open” display.


Android (8.0). Dynalist beta (1.1.16)

Additional information

In addition the the behaviour above. When on the “no Document Open” window. You are unable to hit the magnifying glass to perform another search. There is no result from pressing the button.

Additional comments


Just a small ping since there hasn’t been any response to this in about a week.

Thanks for the ping! Must have fallen through the cracks somehow.

I was able to repro this issue, will fix as soon as we can!

By the way, Dynalist has graduated from beta, but for some reason it stills shows up as “Beta” to all beta testers on Play Store, it’s weird :frowning:

Sorry I know it’s been a long time, just trying to cleaning up bugs here.

I can no longer repro this, unless the search is a global search. Was that the condition for you, if you can remember? @butlermatt

Also it looks like a duplicate of this report: Cancelling a bookmarked global search reverts to no document loaded

Maybe merge it over there?

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This does appear to be resolved now

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Thanks for the follow-up! Marking it as resolved :slight_smile:

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