Search Current Document option

I wish search searched the entire document by default. That’s what I want, 100% of the time. I always have to manually go to the parent node of the document and then search to get what I want. Sometimes I’m deep in the nodes and that’s annoying to have to do. At the very least, a Search Current Document option in this dropdown would make me happy.


Interesting, and I’m assuming “flat search” doesn’t do what you want and you want to see the hierachy?


I want to see my document filtered down to the search so I can work within the filtered document. I can move things, delete things, drag the things into a new heirarchy parent. I always manually go to the document root before searching otherwise it doesnt show all the results. It’d be easier if there was a 3rd button in that dropdown to automatically take me to root and search there.

This is not useful to me:

Flat Search takes me out of dynalist, and to a foreign looking page that doesn’t look or behave like dynalist. It’s just a page of links to nodes with no editing abilities.

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I like this idea …sort of.
I would not want the full document search to be “default”. I prefer the current Node ~Page I’m working in to get filtered by default.

I think it would be great if Dynalist had 2 options added, and then (thirdly) you could set the default behavior in Settings…
1 - add “Search root document” option in the dropdown
2 - add “Search selected documents” in the dropdown (really wish this existed)

The in settings you could choose default search behaviors of

  • current node
  • root document
  • flat
  • all docs

Just my Two-sense.

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