Search API (by tags)


I would love to create a service that, at points at time in my day, will send me a generated text message with my @todos in them. e.g., when I get home send me all of my Home @todos, or when I get to work, send me my Work @todos.

I don’t think I can search at all in the existing APIs. Is something like this planned? Thx.


You can query all documents and search manually currently.

Alternatively my app Quick Dynalist for android has widgets that allow to display all tagged items.


You can pull all the data once and send yourself the search results. Since you only want to do it once per day instead of whenever there are updates, pulling the entire document sounds appropriate.


I get that I can do that as a workaround, bit it seems super inefficient to pull that much data out of your servers to get the list of @todos.

I might do it a few times a day (work and home are different contexts). I’ll give it a shot and report back what I find. Thx!