Search and delete bookmark

I have 100s of bookmarks. When I search bookmarks (using Ctrl + O), I am seeing some unwanted bookmarks which are not currently pointing to anything.

To delete the bookmark, at present I need to find the bookmark entry from 100s of bookmarks which is stored in random order.

Is there any way to achieve the same (find the bookmark easily and delete it)?

@Franklin_KF I know this is an old entry but I’ve been having similar issues. So, I started rebuilding my bookmarks as a document instead. I just use the [[ when I create a new item entry. If I want to save a search I just copy the URL of the search and type the entry [Search Name](URL) in the bookmark document.

What’s also great about creating a document of bookmarks is that I can sort my bookmarks, search, and make specific deletions.

Hope this helps.