Scrolling slow/laggy on Android (web + native)

Steps to reproduce

Open a large document (~200 items) on Android in either the native app or in the web browser. Scroll down the list.

Expected result

Smooth scrolling, like you normally see on a shorter list (~30 items).

Actual result

Very laggy/jittery scrolling. Note that for the same list it scrolls smoothly on web. In order for it to go away I have to zoom in on a sub-item to shorten the current view to something it can handle better.

Here’s a video showing what it looks like:

The first part of the video shows the lag on the large list, and then second part shows the smooth scrolling when zoomed into a sub-item with less rendered content. The difference between the jittery scrolling and smooth scrolling is much more pronounced than what is captured in the video.


OnePlus 5T running Android 9.0.

@Erica After the latest update, scrolling on long lists doesn’t have the lag that it used to. Not sure what you guys changed to make it so much smoother, but thanks for the hard work in getting this issue addressed! You can mark this as solved.