Scrolling leads to accidental delete


Steps to reproduce

After recent update, In Android app, trying to scroll very easily leads to accidental delete.

Expected result


Actual result

Deleted item


Latest Android app.

Additional information

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Additional comments

This is a New problem. Before it worked fine.


Are you scrolling vertically or horizontally?

We didn’t run into this bug when testing, so a screen recording would be really helpful. Thanks!


Trying to scroll vertically with thumb, but if I get a slight horisontal movement as well it is interpreted as swiping the item left to delete it.


You’ll need to swipe around 1/3 of the screen width for the delete action to trigger, is that what you mean by slight horizontal movement? (Before triggering, the delete bar will be red)


That may be it and I guess one will get used to it, but

  1. this only started happening recently
  2. Most softwares allow horisontal movement while scrolling, so it is not intuitive to have to be careful.

I would suggest that while scrolling, horisontal movement is ignored and while swiping left or right then vertical movement is ignored. It is very unlikelly that someone wants to scroll and delete at the same time.


Now I identified the real bug.

  1. Expand an item to see it’s subitems
  2. Try to scroll up with thumb on the very left edge of the screen, next to the newly expanded subitems.
    Then with a tiny movement of the thumb the whole item with subitems is deleted.