Scrolling leads to accidental delete

Steps to reproduce

After recent update, In Android app, trying to scroll very easily leads to accidental delete.

Expected result


Actual result

Deleted item


Latest Android app.

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This is a New problem. Before it worked fine.

Are you scrolling vertically or horizontally?

We didn’t run into this bug when testing, so a screen recording would be really helpful. Thanks!

Trying to scroll vertically with thumb, but if I get a slight horisontal movement as well it is interpreted as swiping the item left to delete it.

You’ll need to swipe around 1/3 of the screen width for the delete action to trigger, is that what you mean by slight horizontal movement? (Before triggering, the delete bar will be red)

That may be it and I guess one will get used to it, but

  1. this only started happening recently
  2. Most softwares allow horisontal movement while scrolling, so it is not intuitive to have to be careful.

I would suggest that while scrolling, horisontal movement is ignored and while swiping left or right then vertical movement is ignored. It is very unlikelly that someone wants to scroll and delete at the same time.

Now I identified the real bug.

  1. Expand an item to see it’s subitems
  2. Try to scroll up with thumb on the very left edge of the screen, next to the newly expanded subitems.
    Then with a tiny movement of the thumb the whole item with subitems is deleted.
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I have by now accidentally deleted so many things that if this bug is not fixed, I will have to go back to Workflowy.

I believe we pushed out an attempted fix for version 1.3.5 which was somehow only deployed to iOS. I’ll make sure to get android out asap!

That is very good to hear.
Dynalist is the best tool of it’s type, so I don’t want a bug to ruin it.

Also I haven’t really been able to reproduce the problem based on your description. The closest thing I got was on iOS Safari browser where dragging from the left could somehow trigger the red deletion when the browser also does the “drag from left edge to go back in browser history” thing.

Is there any chance you’d be able to take a video of the bug in action? Since I can’t seem to trigger the bug on my android device I thought maybe a video would make it a bit more obvious what I’m doing different than you.

(Also what’s your android version?)

Since you don’t allow mp4 I can’t upload a video but these are the steps.

  1. Make a list like this
  2. Tap subsubitem2 twice so it gets the blue edit cursor
  3. Collapse Subitem
  4. Zoom to Item
  5. Expand Subitem
  6. Try to scroll up with thumb at edge of screen next to Subitem
    Subitem is then deleted without any horisontal swiping
    I am on Android 9

… …Subsubitem1
… …Subsubitem2

Hi Johan,

Repeating the steps you showed I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug you’ve described, however I am seeing odd behavior. Specifically, after performing these steps I can no longer swipe on any items! I have to restart/refresh the app, or zoom in on a child in order to be able to swipe items away again. Perhaps it’s the same underlying bug manifesting in different ways.

I also have a more minimal repro for this, simply drag along the left edge of the screen. This “breaks” the swiping ability.

As a tip, to post videos here I usually use Streamable. Here’s a screen capture of this bug on my device (OnePlus 5T Android 9.0, native app):

Hmm I’m not aware of the upload restrictions of this forum software but I’ve seen some users upload to youtube as an unlisted video. Let me know if you find a better alternative.

As far as the repro steps, I’ve followed it and I wasn’t able to get it to disappear, similar to @Jayden_Navarro .

I believe this is a different issue, which is something we found a few weeks ago and already patched! Unfortunately due to the forgotten android build, the patch was only released to iOS… D’oh! It’ll be out to android as soon as we get through the play store process.

Ok that shows it pretty clearly - it seems that it’s disappearing without any kind of animation of the red deletion swipe which is weird.

I think I’m trying the exact same thing on my device (also android 9) but I’m not seeing your results…

How about this: wait until v1.3.5 is out and see if that fixes the issue. We’re pushing it through the play store right now. Since we did make some changes to how the swipe is handled, maybe it’s already fixed on my device’s build.

If that doesn’t help, there’s a few other steps I think we can try for a repro on my end.

EDIT: 1.3.5 is released.

Any updates on whether 1.3.5 fixes or not? If it doesn’t I think we could give one more try at debugging this.

No, sorry, the bug is still there.

OK my next step to attempt to reproduce this would be to ask you to enable the Android developer option “Show Taps” or “Pointer Location” by going to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer > Scrolling down quite a bit to find under the “input” section “Show taps” or “Pointer location”.

This will enable a dot on the screen where you press. If you can send a video with touch locations in the recording, that would mean we can try to follow the exact pressing sequence on our device. I hope that’s not too much to ask.

Don’t forget to turn the option off once you’re done~

After much discussion, we plan to turn mobile swipe actions into buttons. It would require another tap, but is far safer. Hopefully this will be fixed after that’s done.

It would still be faster than tapping the item, waiting for the keyboard and toolbar to appear, and choose your action.