Scroll With Mouse-Wheel While Dragging

Functionality: being able to scroll the document/list with the mouse-wheel when dragging an item.

I’ve gotten spoiled by apps that have this feature and I miss it in Dynalist. Particularly when documents are long its much quicker, easier and more intuitive to be able to scroll while dragging something instead of waiting for the auto-scroll to catch up, or even using the shortcut keys.

EDIT: probably also worth noting, another large part of the reason I like this feature is that I get headaches/eyestrain very easily, and for some reason having UI elements move without me ‘controlling’ them (even something as innocuous as autoscroll) is quite taxing. In that way this might even be considered an accessibility feature.


I was about to add this, but I searched first.
Yes please, being able to scroll with the mouse-wheel would be of immense help when reordering items (which a lot of us do a lot). I’d buy Pro for this.

Problem: I have a very long and nested TODO list that cannot fit my screen. I am often moving items around, either due to change in priorities, or because a item became blocked or done.

Expectation: I wish I could click and drag an item, and use the mouse wheel (or maybe also keyboard shortcuts, such as , , PgUp, PgDn, Home, End) while dragging the item, and then release the item. This is much more intuitive and quicker than just holding the item near the top/bottom edges and waiting while the page slowly scrolls.

More context: This is a behavior common in some other applications. Unfortunately I don’t remember any one specifically, but I know I can click-and-drag a file, press alt+tab (or similar), move the pointer to the destination window, and only then drop the file. This combination of interactions is powerful, and somewhat expected for drag-and-drop operations.