Scheduled dark mode

If enabled, the dark theme will be automatically enabled based on a schedule.


Nice idea for power users, good Pro feature candidate!

Thanks. I got the idea from the mac app Shifty, which actually offered this as a “Pro” feature – which got me to pay for it too :slight_smile:

In Shifty, is the dark mode itself a Pro feature, or just the scheduling part?

I just looked into and I think I was confusing Shifty with another app that was charging for fewer features (which I uninstalled).
I don’t think I paid for Shifty, sorry for the confusion! But I probably would have :wink:

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+1 for a Dark Mode feature, but with some comments:

On Mac OS there are increasing numbers of apps that allow you to flip light/dark in response to the OS (e.g. 2do, Slack, Chrome) and having this in Dynalist would be sweet.

I’m usually swapping between Dark and Sepia themes during the night/day; so to my mind an ideal feature would be:

  1. Scheduled, with {night: theme 1} and {day: theme 2}
  2. Dynamic, with {os_dark: theme1} and {os_light: theme 2}

With users able to customise which theme is activated rather than locking them to default/dark.