Saturday must be an option for the "First Day of Week" setting

Hi there,

(I wasn’t sure where to post this, but it is definitely a shortcoming of the application, hence the bug report. - I did check for duplicates, but it seems no one has reported this yet)

Currently you can set either Sunday or Monday as the “First Day of Week”:

However Saturday is actually the first day of the week in about 15 countries. Please check the link to see some of them:

Currently I am unable to work with the inline dates as well as the little calendar component properly and efficiently. TickTick and other apps already have all 3 options, but Dynalist is one of the ones which doesn’t. Please consider adding Saturday to this setting in one of the updates, hopefully soon.


Sounds good, will add this soon.

Thanks Shida, I’m looking forward to it.

Will be added in the next release.

Thank you, this might sound like a simple change, but it really helps.