Safari on iPadOS

Since the release of iOS 13 last September, Safari on iPadOS has had what Apple refer to as “desktop class” browsing. I have largely found this to be true and it is this version of Safari that has allowed me to move most of my workflow to Dynalist.

Unfortunately, there are still circumstances where Dynalist in Safari does not work as expected. I reluctantly have to do some of my work on a Chromebook to avoid these issues.

Would it be possible to ask the Dynalist devs to spend a bit of time looking at Safari on iPad? I feel like Apple have done 90% of the work here, and with a bit of spit and polish Dynalist could be as functional and full-featured as it is in Chrome.



In fact, I have to say Dynalist in Safari on iPadOS seems to be getting worse. I’m having a lot of problems recently with the context menu being too large to fit on the screen with the consequence that the top couple of items are unusable…

There are many little problems: the left sidebar doesn’t offer all features, the screen zoom level randomly changes, copy/paste doesn’t work correctly, the hamburger menu is truncated off-screen and can’t be scrolled…