Roam Research and automatic bidirectional relationships between nodes

So I just discovered a website/app called Roam Research (link to an explainer with screenshots), and to my newly bedazzled mind it seems like the next step up from dynalist, somewhat like how dynalist was a step up from editing my notes in a simple text editor with manual indentation for structure.

Ok maybe last bit is hyperbole, but still, having my knowledge organized as a bidirectional graph instead of a tree would be absolutely sick- now that i’ve seen it, having automatic bidirectional links as first-class citizens (rather than just parent-child relationships of a tree) seems like the most natural thing in the world (as the medium article explains :slight_smile: )

I understand it’s a big ask, I really hope some dynalist devs can look at this app and play around with it and see if they get any ideas. (there’s a 2 week free trial, but the paid subscription is too expensive for me, and i already have investment in dynalist).

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Would suggest reading through the first thread @WhiteNoise posted. It should answer many of your questions.

There will be more support for linking in general in Dynalist, but please understand [[name]] won’t work because we don’t enforce a flat structure and unique names like Roam Research does. It will be for linking between items by ID only.

[deleted] since theres already a big Roam thread. i moved my comment there. Roam Research, new web-based outliner that supports transclusion & wiki features - thoughts?

ah my bad, i think i didn’t search for existing mentions of roam on the forum before posting my own.