Right click copy for multiple selected items does not work

Steps to reproduce

Select multiple items, right click to copy.

Expected result

Context menu shows copy, and items get copied to clipboard.

Actual result

Items get deselected when you right click, and context menu only highlights whatever is under your cursor at the time (e.g. a word or space, etc.)


Chrome on desktop.

If you right-click when outside of the item text itself, does the same thing occur? I have this behaviour as well but only if I right-click on the text not if I do on the white-space after the text.

Same thing. No matter where in the document I click.

Any particular reason why you don’t use Ctrl+C to copy? That should work.

Won’t get into the technical details, but supporting the copy option in the default menu is kinda impossible to do, unless we override (or as I’d like to call “hijack”) the default browser right click menu, which I think is generally a bad thing to do for the end-user.

I normally use Ctrl+C, but if I’m just scrolling through and doing something else (probably eating) with my left hand, I just use right click. It’s annoying to move right hand over and then use Ctrl+C, but I guess it’s not a massive deal.

I see. We can’t really fix this, sorry.

The reason is that when you select multiple items, we’re pretty much “faking” that selection with background colors and whatnot. From the browser’s perspective, you are not really selecting anything. And when you “copy” (with Ctrl+C), we put the right stuff into your clipboard.

The thing is that when there’s nothing selected, the “Copy” option is not even activated in the right hand menu, so it doesn’t work :frowning:

My life is a lie…

Maybe a way around this is to put a copy item/items option in the hamburger menu?

That menu is already crowded, so probably not gonna put another one for infrequent uses like this…

Do you think so?

For example, delete is there (also, the default shortcut seems to be Ctrl+Shift+Backspace for Windows when Delete or Backspace works fine, perhaps it’s just there for Mac?), so it would make sense to have other “editing” functions too. But if you think that it’s fair enough, Ctrl+C works fine:P

It really depends on where you want to “place” dynalist as a tool I think. For instance, Google Keep (their small quick note taking app and website) does not hijack the right-click menu. However Google Docs (which offers so much additional functionality including WYSIWYG editing) does just that and provides their own contextual menu on right click.
So do Google Maps, Bing Maps (I didn’t even know that was a thing until today!) Office 360 on the web and many others.

I agree that apps shouldn’t do so willy-nilly so to speak. But once they reach a certain size/feature set I feel it becomes worth the trade off to provide your own menus over the default browser menus. And at this point I do see dynalist as having reached that threshold for features.

Just my $0.02CDN on the matter.

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Hi Matt, thanks a lot for the 0.02 CDN as always! :smiley:

We’re not at Google’s scale to handle (or ignore) people’s problem though. I sense that many average users would be confused or frustrated by this. It would make more sense in the desktop app, I agree. In the browser people more likely expect right click menu to work consistently.

It bit us that overriding default is often not a good idea, so I don’t think we’re doing this until there’s a very strong case for it.

Thanks, that’s actually a good point. Delete was there when the menu wasn’t crowded at all (like 5 options in total), so we never thought of removing it.

Or we could divide options into submenus. We’ll think about it!

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@IbrahimQasim: do you mind if I close this? I’ve moved the feature request to here: Add “copy” option to the item menu

Yup no problem!

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