Right-align Tags?

Can anyone help me out with the CSS to right-align tags?

Or maybe if true right-align isn’t feasible, some methed to shove them somewhat to the right, without entering space-space-space-space-space…

So just the tag moves right?

would render as
like that?

Might not be exactly what you want, but you could try

.node-tag {
  display: block;
  text-align: right;

Just like you said when you asked “like that”.

Thank you for the initial CSS attempt.

It did move my tags to the right. However, it has moved my tags to the right and added an extra line for the tag. i.e. All of my tags are at the end of a full line of nothing, which follows the last line of the tagged content. e.g.

* blah blah blah
* foo foo foo foo foo foo foo foo
   foo line 2 foo line 2

How about

  float: right;

Very nice. Thank you!