Review History Experience

To make Dynalist even more of a home for my mind, something that would consistently have me coming back each day is a system that lets me review my additions/changes from the previous day.

See some highlights of notes I outlined
See progress made to a checklist (and maybe whats next / left?)

Of course, I’d be able to select these and venture into more detail on their current status and return to my review later.

Just an idea I thought would both be good for the user and for retention numbers as well.


This is already a planned feature! There was a poll a few days back about how users would be using it. In your case I suppose you’re looking for a more git way of doing it, where you can see each individual change in a diff?

Oh cool! I’m glad I’m not the only person that desires this :smiley:

Git hub is a good analogy for what I was imagining but maybe with a bit more conservative when giving information on what has changed.

Yes, thanks @IbrahimQasim!

The feature request is here:

And the poll was here: What would you mainly use Version History feature for?