Restore Old Cursor Jump After Moving an Item

Until the November 2019 update, the cursor always jumped to the item ABOVE an item moved via the Node Mover shortcut. Now the cursor jumps to the item BELOW the one that was moved. The Dynalist blog notes for the November 2019 update said this was done “for consistency,” but I find it very inconvenient.

For example, I often get a new idea while working, and so I press enter to create a new item and write out the idea and use the Node Mover to send the item to a different place in the document, but now after I execute that command, the cursor jumps to the bottom of the item BELOW the item I was previously working on. I have to navigate back up to the item I was editing (instead of just being able to resume typing in the ABOVE node, as was possible before the November update).

Also inconvenient is the fact that if I use the Node Mover to move the item at the bottom of any Dynalist page, the cursor completely disappears, and you have to click back into an item before you can resume typing.

So I am pretty confused as to what advantage the November update brought us. It seems like a downgrade in every way, and I believe every user should at least have the option in Dynalist settings to revert back to the old cursor placement after moving an item.