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Date formatting; resolved

What are your date/time formatting settings? That doesn‘t look like the defaults I am used to.

Yeah, like @_Lasar said, looks like something is wrong with your date customization?

Because MM is for months. mm is for minutes.
It’s explained in the docs ?

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Yep, what @WhiteNoise said. You can notice that you used MM twice and they did produce the same value (07).

Can I ask how the specific date string !(2020-07-16 16:00 -04:00) came to be, and if it is indeed valid?

It was my belief that a date or time range would absolutely need two dates, like this:
!(2020-07-16 16:00 - 2020-07-16 04:00).

And the missing space between - and 04:00 is throwing me off as well.

(I’m working on a date parsing library for dynalist right now, so I want to make sure I’m getting all possible formats. If this is the wrong place to ask please let me know.)

“Developer” is probably a better subforum to ask. I thought you were asking for a feature for a second :laughing:

The -04:00 part is your timezone. I believe if you don’t switch between time zones or collaborate with people in other time zones, you can uncheck “Encode timezone” in Settings - Preference - Date and it should go away. But yeah that part is your local timezone.