Request: "quick entry" / "quick note" as in Things 3

I really miss an option of being able to instantly capture and add an idea or note like in Things 3 (with the “quick entry” feature, see secreenshot). It would be perfect if Dynalist had such a feature so one instantly, in the very moment, could capture an idea and then sent it to the Inbox in Dynalist.


If you’re on Windows can recommend this script Quick add to Dynalist inbox using AutoHotKey

I’m all on Mac, but thank you very much for that suggestion, which made me wonder: anyone knows if there are any similar Mac OS script a la AutoHotKey for Windows that can do the job of “quick note” / “quick entry”?

You know that you can use Ctrl+Shit+i for Quick Capture.
Edit: You need to have the desktop app installed

Or use this super simple app Add to Inbox via keyboard shortcut on MacOS

I agree. This would be awesome!

A dynalist app icon in the mac header toolbar to do this too would be great.

Solution for iOS in this post