Request easy ways to format as subscript and superscript

Although currently I can use Latex expression to generate sub- and superscripts, in the case of non-math expression, it would be good to have a simple way to format subscript and superscript. For example, chemical formula, (NH4)2SO4, where all the numbers should be in subscript. Using Latex formatting makes the letters italic, which looks weird for a chemist.

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Maybe Dynalist can just implement <sup> and <sub>?

Current workarounds:

  • Use Unicode characters (like H₂O)
  • Use \text in LaTeX (like $$\text{H}_2\text{0}$$)
  • tell me the key things on how math is useful in lists

i gotta know

I was learning neural networks. There are a lot of notation using sub/superscripts.