Rendered Code Blocks in Notes Are Not Aligned & Not Full Width

Steps to reproduce

  1. Write some texts in notes.
  2. Enter twice to add line breaks.
  3. Write code blocks with starting and ending with three ticks(```)

Expected result

  • Code blocks should align with preceding texts.
  • Code blocks should expand to full width.

Below are two screenshots pre-rendered and rendered code blocks with single ticks(`), which somewhat aligns with the preceding texts (note that it is indented 2px or so). But that is still reasonable.

Rendered code blocks

Pre-rendered code blocks

Actual result

  • Code blocks are way off.
  • Code blocks behave like inline code (doesn’t take up the full width)

Rendered code blocks

Pre-rendered code blocks


MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.3
Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)

Additional comments

I’m using dynalist as programming journal (and I am certain it will serve the purpose well) and hope this can be fixed! But I am not 100% sure if you intended this for some reason? Please do let me know!

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First of all, I think you’re using a custom user style, making it hard for me to tell which is item title and which note. I’m just making my best guess here.

That’s because markdown with three backticks are not supported now, sorry about that. I’m embarrassed to say that we wrote our custom markdown parser and it was not straight-forward how to parse three backticks.

Ooops. Yes. I am using Stylish Google Chrome extension. I should’ve turned it off before capturing screenshots. (I only tweaked colors and font weight which shouldn’t affect alignment issues I’ve addressed).

It’s okay! :slight_smile: But are you are planning to work on three backticks? If not, I would make all my future programming notes with a single backtick. If you are willing to work on, however, I’ll make all my notes with three backticks and just wait for updates. (This way markdown syntax stays consistent with other services like GitHub)

Do let me know so I can plan ahead :sunny:

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Sorry for the late reply.

Please use three backticks for now, which would be better in the long-term, I think. Thanks for understanding!

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Thanks for heads up! @Erica