Remove sending "dynalist" to clipboard when Ctrl+C is pressing on empty selection (android)

On the android app, when the cursor doesn’t select any text and I press Ctrl+C then dynalist is copied to my clipboard.
This can be a problem when I want to paste something and I press Ctrl+C instead of Ctrl+V. Because of this I loose the text I want to paste.

The keyboard I use to have the ctrl key on android is this open source app:

That’s weird, I don’t remember any instance where we’d copy that into the clipboard. There was something for iOS devices but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Could you please try with an android app with the open source keyboard app I linked to, just to double check.

Yup I did verify with that keyboard app and it indeed does that… really weird though, I’ll investigate more.

Thanks for you checking. Hope you will find a fix soon!

I’ve made a fix for this which will be released with the next release sometimes around end of this month.

Thanks for coming back on this ! I will wait for the update.

I got the new update and it’s fixed! Thanks a lot Shida.

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