Remove second bar on ios

Hello, I love dynalist so far, but one feature that could be changed on ios is the empty second bar below the toolbar. If this were removed and a ‘hide keyboard’ button added to the existing toolbar, it would save some screen real estate.

For example, workflowy has only one toolbar, which gives more room to see my notes.

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Of note, that second bar is an ios keyboard/Safari feature that implements next/previous field function, but in DynaList it actually does an indent/undindent function. The same function that is on the DynaList toolbar.

Well, my recommendation would be to switch to the SwiftKey keyboard – no empty second bar in Dynalist there. :wink: (I use SwiftKey on both iOS and Android, and it nicely syncs my personal vocabulary across platforms.)

I use Swiftkey, and it is still there.

Not for me. Might depend on your SwiftKey setup, perhaps? For me (and I’ve just checked this again, and I’m typing this on an iPad mini), directly below Dynalist’s toolbar, there’s the SwiftKey bar with the 3 suggested words. (The key to hide the keyboard is in the bottom-right corner of my SwiftKey keyboard.)