Remember scroll position sometimes not working

Steps to reproduce

On a document, create multiple links to any other, in different positions.
Scroll to a link, click, then click the browser back button.

Expected result

Should return to the position it was before clicking the link.

Actual result

Returns to the title of the document, sometimes.
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Windows 10, Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

Additional comments

Sometimes it works; sometimes not.

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cc @Shida

Thanks for letting us know!

Right now, the saved scroll position is per-document, so in your case, when you clicked on an internal link to the same document (zoomed somewhere else), it cleared the saved location.

We’ll take some time to think about how to have a more consistent behavior.

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Fixed! It’s on web right now and will come out to the other platforms soon.


That was fast! Thanks.

Hi i’m having this problem, when can click on a line on the search result page and then press back button, it returns to the start of the search page.