Relative date on Android

That’s how a date displays on Android when the format is set to ‘relative’. Can that be fixed?
Latest Dynalist and Android 7.0

Is it working properly on web?

I tested with Android app and couldn’t repro. Have you restarted the Android app after updating Dynalist?

Also it’s “relative” not “Relative”, just making sure.

I’ve been turning ‘relative’ on and off since you introduced it because it never displayed properly on my phone. It seems the auto capitalization of ‘R’ was the problem. If you type ‘Relative’ as the date format in any version you’ll get the screenshot I posted. On the desktop (or web), auto capitalization is not a problem so I’ve always typed ‘relative’ not ‘Relative’.I’ll be sure to use small ‘r’ from now on.

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Got it! I guessed that auto-capitalization was the culprit since the malformed date starts with an “R”.

Marking it as fixed. We’ll consider accepting both “Relative” and “relative”.