Reference Titles Do Not Update With Source

Steps to reproduce

  1. Use internal reference feature (e.g. link “Butterflies” bullet to “insects” bullet).

  2. Notice punctuation error in linked bullet. Change “insects” to “Insects”

Expected result

Would expect reference tag under “Butterflies” bullet to reflect current source contents (i.e. should display “Insects”).

Actual result

Reference tag under “Butterflies” shows outdated source contents (i.e. “insects”).


Operating system - Windows 10
Browser - Chrome
No third party scripts.

Additional information


Additional comments

I know the example has a simple solution - just re-establish the connection. But if I end up with hundreds of connections to a source (and iterate that process across hundreds of sources as well) and then find out that I need to change the name of the source(s), it could be quite an issue. Just want to see if there is an easy “refresh” feature for these connections.

I couldn’t reproduce the bug on Mac/Chrome. It updates in real time as I type. Do you get the same issue in Firefox?

OH I think I know what’s up here…if you type [[ and select from the dropdown, it makes a [text](url) style link

If you want the text to update, delete the [text](url) part and just put the url by itself. If the url goes to something in the same dynalist document it will render the current contents and update in real time.

Awesome, that does the trick! Thanks for taking a look at this. Great to have a solution so quickly!!

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