Really nice new Workflowy feature 'Mirror Bullets'


Edit: I see Erica started a thread on it in 2016. It’d probably be a better place to further discuss.

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Yeah, cloned notes is the traditional term for this feature. It’s also referred as Transclusion or Embedding in Roam and Obsidian.

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I just messed around with the Mirror feature on Workflowy. It’s AMAZING. It’s the one thing I’ve noticed in using Dynalist that I’ve always wanted. While taking notes in various sections I would love to mirror tasks from random meetings that are organized differently into a landing document. Love Dynalist but having a little buyer’s remorse having just purchased Pro. Would pay for mirroring over some of the other things Pro provides currently. Add in boards and Workflowy is a really appealling option.

Yea Workflowy were stagnant for ages but I think they hired some new people and are making rapid progress - boards and clone nodes in quite quick succession – they still lack basic usability features like ‘move to’ which baffles me though

The main thing with Workflowy is they spent a lot of time reengineering their code, which is observed as a period of stagnation.

Their current rapid progress is the result. Looks exciting, and these features really move them into competition with Notion. Yet, their lack of some basics that DynaList has… quality iPhone app is another of these.