Really like to user color lines, but i need some ideas how

Hi Dynalist HQ users,

What’s your way to use color lines in DynalistHQ :question:

Braindump my ideas

  • energy :green_apple:
  • priority :bangbang:
  • reference
  • read later
  • waiting, in progress (TO DO, DOING like kanban)
  • delegate

Still in middle to use it but careful, i’am cautios to use it too often it’s become unreadble with all color lines.

So bring your ideas maybe there’s one which fit in my workflow and i will adopt in my system



Red is common for important/urgent stuff.

The rest are really just personal choices I think!

Follow up about the post is started
Thank you for your ideas , i have made my setup for color lines
Which results that i can uses less tags in my Workflow.

RED = Prio Task
ORANGE = Readings
YELLOW = Waiting For (in task title extra tag @name)
GREEN = Delegate (in task title extra tag @name)
BLUE = Doing Stuff
PURPLE = Errands (in task title extra tag @location)


Interesting! I decided to place all my lists together in one document but separate them into three areas of focus with a blue color heading and lines.

I’m also using red for urgent tasks and like that I can search (and bookmark) by color too.

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so far ive just been using them as dividers in my to do list and various other project lists.
it makes it a lot easier to see where each section starts and ends when they are all expanded.


Some research I do in my work require taking a lot of notes, both to cover what’s been looked at but also to untangle, to discover, to investigate. Main and child items help follow a line of investigation but I’ve found the keyboard shortcuts for the color codes to work very fast in flagging things I might need to get back to. When you have a large list, these colors can really help in making conclusions, issues, etc stand out.

ps: colors in other parts of DL may mean something else. It’s all about context.

pps: besides colors I love using some unicode characters. I have keyboard shortcuts for them in AutoHotkey.

[] = ☐ 
[v] = ☑ 
[x] = ☒ 
>> = → 
<< = ←  

Real helpful.


As usual, this information is wonderfully helpful. You rock!

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Thanx guys for all feedback

I only use red; orange; yellow for urgency - the other 3 I use just to help break up large documents visually