*Really* hide notes (no icon, no spacing) or make all tags disappear (but still work in search)

There isn’t a Custom CSS snippets forum (there should be!), so I’m posting it to “Features”, but anyway I wanted to put #tags #in #my #notes #because #theyre #ugly but there’s no way to fully hide them UNTIL NOW. :smiley: Here’s the CSS:

.Node-openNote{ display: none; }
.ref .Node-openNote{ display: block; }

Now you only see any hint of notes when you hit the add note hotkey or right click menu item.

If you want to make custom CSS like me, all I did was right click the annoying thing, click Inspect Element, see the offending code was a specifically named div, and googled “css hide all divs of a class” for which there was a StackOverflow answer for just this, I just changed the class name. It took 3 minutes and I would not call myself a person competent at CSS.

If I was more clever or had more time I’d hide all tags everywhere, but tags are a href=“#” class=“node-tag js-prevent-default” and hmm there’s probably CSS to hide those but I’m not sure what to google.

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.node-tag[href="#"] { … }

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Thank you! It works sweet, now I can just forget about notes entirely. Here’s exactly what I use now if anyone else wants this.

.node-tag[href=“#”] { display:none; }
.ref .node-tag[href=“#”] { display:block; }